EDNA returns for the 2020 season

By Andrew Johnston

NETBALL will be the next local junior sport to return.

The Echuca District Netball Association is on track to begin within weeks, with its first games scheduled for August 1.

EDNA president Betty McCoomb said it was a thrill to get the competition up and running.

“We're really happy to be up and running,” she said.

“It's a great opportunity to provide a sporting outlet to the community. So many places have been forced to abandon their seasons in the last few weeks due to the ongoing crisis, and it's taken the opportunity to play away from a lot of people.

“The committee has really wanted to create a chance for people to play the game, and we are really excited to get things started.”

Players from six years of age to those in Grade 6 will have Saturday morning games, divided between Net-Set-Go, go, gold and navy sections.

Juniors will be assigned to a team after registration.

All remaining players will play in the afternoon, and are able to either register as a team, or as individuals who will then be placed into a team.

The association is also offering the opportunity to clubs who have missed out on playing in their own competitions due to the pandemic, with clubs invited to submit their sides into the EDNA ranks.

“We've had a number of clubs approach us who wouldn't normally be able to take part in the competition,” she said.

“It's a great opportunity to expand the EDNA family by giving them somewhere to play. We don't want to see anyone miss out so we are excited to have them join us.

“It also provides an opportunity for our regular EDNA players to play against those sides and see how they do things differently. It will help everyone to improve their skills and change how they play.”

Players will be able to register up until August 20 for the season.

Further information is available through the EDNA office on 5480 1725, or by visiting