Croquet report | July 31

By Riverine Herald

Echuca Moama

Echuca Moama Croquet Club members played on the cold frosty courts last Friday.

While the frost was on the ground, players who made a good shot just had to follow the line they made and hope it did the same thing.

There were six members who braved the frosty morning.

They were all blowing out hot air and still having a good laugh.

Eventually when the frost melted it turned out to be a great day.

The winner for the day was John Tarrant winning his three games

John is playing very well and is holding his own against the younger players.

Jill Graham along with Dave Hocking both had a hoop in one.

‘‘Jumping Johnny’’ Tarrant was on the ball again with his jump shots scoring three.

Sledging was fast and furious and was all in fun.

We have a new member — thank goodness his name is not John.

We have too many named John.

We all would like to welcome Frank.

On Monday, there were 16 members who came out to play.

The wind was very cold but when it stopped it was nice in the sunshine.

No matter what the weather is like we all still enjoy ourselves and still have a good laugh.

Our winners for this week were Beryl Ash who was on her ball game with a three game win and a nett hoop score of +10.

Jenny Van Der Zande tried her best and was runner-up with a nett hoop score of +4.

Jump shots were won by Jeff Pumpa with two.

Hoops in one were won by Dave Hocking with one as Elayne Pickthall also had one.

Echuca Moama held its AGM with all positions filled.


President — John Alstin; vice-president — Trevor Peters; secretary — Elayne Pickthall; treasurer — Jill Graham; club captain — Vince Jessen; hostess — Sandra Alstin; handicapper — Peter Van Der Zande; committee member ordinary — Glenda Kelly.

Our club’s playing days are Monday and Friday at Victoria Park Tennis and Croquet Club.

Our playing times are 9.30am for a 10am start.

Everyone is welcome to come along and play croquet.

For more information please contact John Alstin on 0418 505 614.

Rich River

The NSW club members are enjoying croquet in lovely summer sunshine, while the Echuca residents are waiting patiently for a return to the game they love.

Last Thursday, three players won all three of their games.

Leading the way was Cheryl Lees who had a nett hoop score of +9.

Dave Maher was in second spot with +7 and Fiona Larcombe followed with +6.

Dave Maher scored a hoop in one and Ruth Mole was on fire with two.

The Club played Kingball on Tuesday.

This game is an interesting mix of rules from association croquet and golf croquet and makes a nice change for players of both forms.

The day got off to a chilly start, but the breeze dropped in the afternoon and made conditions very pleasant for all.

Most of the players headed off to the golf club bistro for an enjoyable lunch.

Of the 14 players, there were no three-game winners, but three won two of their games.

Fiona Larcombe won the day on a countback from Marjorie Grant and Nannette Tehan — well played ladies.

A number of events in the pipeline for the Goulburn Valley Croquet Association have been cancelled or postponed.

The pennant season hasn’t been cancelled at this stage as it is hoped a round or two may be possible if restrictions are eased.