CLRS celebrating 10th edition of Johnno’s Run

Then to now: Anthony Farrant (Johnno’s Run Working Group), BradyThrelfall (Johnno’s Run Working Group), Jaime Lake (Worklocker), Darcy Elliot (Edge FM), Paul Barnes (Moama Bowling Club), Jaimie Orr (Riverine Herald), Skye Engwerda (Cosgriff Lawyers), Tanya Diamond (RevolutionPrint), Scott Christian (Radiant Media Productions) and Leah Taaffe (CEO of CLRS) model each of the 10 versions of the race singlets from 2014-2023. Absent was Peter Guy (Fast Finish Timing). Photo by Alexander Dabb

When the starting gun fires at 8am on Sunday, it will officially mark the start of the 10th edition of Johnno’s Run.

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