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Sportstar December 2018 nominees

By Riverine Herald

Congratulations to golfer Blair Christie and motorbike rider Sam Davie who are the 2018 Sportstar of the Year December nominees.

It’s hard enough to beat the most talented people in your sport.
Try doing it while discovering you are allergic to the environment around you.
Not easy for a golfer.
But that’s what Blair Christie battled through for one of his best results of 2018.
The Port Phillip Open Amateur golf tournament recently held at Kingston Heath and Commonwealth golf clubs in Melbourne saw 150 of the top men, and the best 40 women amateur golfers from Victoria and further afield competing.
Despite illness, Christie was able to make the cut for the third round, putting him in the top 52 amateurs in the state at 17 years old.

It finally happened for Sam Davie.
After his own self-described “year from hell”, Davie returned to the top of his sport by claiming a win at the Black Diamond Drilling Kalgoorlie Desert Race.
Davie won his section by finishing the 125km race in a time of three hours, 47 minutes and 54 seconds.
After a race-ending injury at Finke and 13th in Mildura the next month, Davie was finally able to claim his maiden victory of the season.
‘‘I’ve been battling with a couple of injuries, and was witness to one of my best mates dying in a race earlier in the year.
‘‘To have this win has been a bit of a relief; it’s been small things that have been our downfall in so many cases this year.”