Kiara named Junior Sportstar

By Vivienne Duck

Kiara Dean has been named the Junior Sportstar for 2018. 

Kiara proved once and for all in 2018 that she is the best female shooter in the country.

At November’s Victorian State Trap Carnival, Dean won the ladies overall event and qualified for the Victorian ladies state team.

But that wasn’t all. She had to shoot off against the top six competitors in the group in order to decide who won high gun for the carnival. And after tying with a competitor, Dean shot 25 out of 25 to claim the title as best shooter in the state, and with it, the number one spot at nationals.

Before November’s carnival, Dean also competed at the 13th ICTSF World DTL Championships in Wagga Wagga, claiming third in A grade and fourth overall in the women’s category, making her the fourth ranked female DTL shooter in the world.

Dean was recognised by the Bendigo Academy of Sport in June when she was named the Academy’s Sportstar of the Year in the shooting category.