Victoria’s ‘road map’ to easing restrictions to be revealed on Sunday

By Brayden May

THE plan to easing COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria will be revealed on Sunday Premier Daniel Andrews has announced.

At Monday's daily briefing Mr Andrews said it was too early to present a road map forward as the state recorded 73 new cases.

"Next Sunday, September 6, we will announce the road map to ease the restrictions we have all been living under," he said.

"It is too early today to settle that road map and to lock that in as it were. Another week's data is critically important to make sure that the strategy continues to work and for us to have a better sense of how long it will take to drive these numbers down to very, very low numbers so that they can be contained uncontrolled without the need to put restrictions back on over not just weeks and months, but over a longer period, finding that COVID-19 normal and looking at in for many months.

"That is the aim, and that is what the strategy is working towards."

Mr Andrews said a number of criteria would need to be met before the plan is confirmed.

"There will be a number of key principles that underpin this opening up road map," he said.

"Firstly, we have to ensure that physical distancing including following density requirements, making sure staff work from home wherever possible, eliminating the total number of staff and customers in any enclosed area, and stopping carpooling.

"It has to be a feature of opening up and getting people back to work. Wearing a face covering at all times in the workplace and ensuring that PPE is used, particularly in those higher risk industries. Requiring hygienic workplaces, so things like high touch points being regularly cleaned, staff regularly washing their hands, the availability and the use of hand sanitiser, so on and so forth.

"And finally, continuing to act quickly if a staff member becomes unwell, and having a policy that can be fairly described as strict when it comes to keeping staff at home if they are unwell, and making sure that they are not at work between when they have a test, because they have the onset of symptoms, and when the test result comes back.

"They are common sense principles, but they are very important and they will have to underpin each and every one of the decisions that we will announce."

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