Resilient boat owners won’t run dry

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Limited numbers, lockdowns in Melbourne and now tightened cross-border restrictions will not defeat our local cruise boat owners.

The current cross-border restrictions may have put a freeze on cruises over most of winter but local cruise boat owners remain positive they will be up and running by the next Spring School holidays. 

Owner operator of the PS Cumberoona and Sienna Daisy Robbie Knowles said although they never predicted the current pandemic crisis he believes they will weather its storm until they can viably re-open.

“We have prepared ourselves before for bad events such as an extended lake drawdown for example, but obviously we never predicted the current virus,” Mr Knowles said.

“We have used the time wisely to upgrade works on our boats and we will be ready to be out there on the water as soon as they rip the band-aid off,” he said. 

Paradise Queen owner Travis Smith said other than when he was instructed to close, he remained open for cruises to ensure there is some tourism activity in the local region.

“The first week of the school holidays tourism traffic began to return to normal until Melbourne went back into lockdown around the ninth of July,” Mr Smith said.

“The conditions of the latest border closure have crippled our business as local Victorian groups who have been trying to support our business are no longer able to board our vessel.

“We are still trying to attract tourists from north of the border but it is unlikely anyone from NSW will travel to the border in the current environment.”