Bears come out on top in tight tussle

By Yarrawonga Chronicle


Rumbalara 3.4 5.9 7.11 10.16 76

Tungamah 2.7 8.9 11.12 14.13 97

Goals: Rumbalara: D. Smith 3, N. Terlich 2, C. McCartney 2, J. Sorgel, L. Power, K. Wise.

Tungamah: N. Lawless 3, J. Irvine 2, M. Bourke 2, K. Rowe, C. Powell, D. Haebich, T. Hayes, B. Butts, B. Beaton, T. Jones.
Best: Rumbalara: A. Miller, J. Sorgel, K. Atkinson, C. Egan, K. Wise, J. Terlich.

Tungamah: T. Jones, J. Irvine, W. Thomson, B. Butts, K. Rowe, W. Sharp.


Rumbalara 3.4, 5.8, 9.9, 14.12.96.

Tungamah 1.2, 2.2, 5.3, 5.5.35.

Goals: Rumbalara: G. Weston 5, B. Armstrong 4, L. Armstrong 2, J. Michael 2, B. Larkins.

Tungamah: L. Buerckner 2, A. Richardson 2, M. Powell.
Best: Rumbalara: L. Armstrong, B. Larkins, G. Weston, S. Hunter, B. Armstrong, T. Morgan.

Tungamah: S. Kellock, A. Heslin, A. Richardson, W. Prescott, J. Clarke, D. Whykes.

No report submitted.

Rumbalara 21.15.141 defeated Tungamah 3.1.19.

Another tough day for the Bears. With a long season soon coming to an end, it’s great to see the boys still having fun and enjoying the footy. 

Let’s put in a huge effort against Deni and who knows what could happen. 

Also, a big shout out to Richo and Sharpy and all the volunteers who get in each week and help support the 3rds. 

When everyone gets in and does their bit, it makes for a strong and successful club. 
Goal kickers: Brock Bate 2 and Harley Sampson 1.
Awards: Beaton awards: Ned Connell and Ben Griffin, Wingates: Oscar Willis, Subway: Tom Lidgerwood and Mitch Goldman, Crusty Loaf: Aaron Millis.

Goals: Rumbalara: D. Miller 5, M. Atkinson 4, L. Weston 3, J. Armstrong 2, J. Sorgel 2, A. Briggs, D. Turner, J. Stewart, A. Miller, A. Atkinson.

Tungamah: B. Bate 2, H. Sampson.
Best: Rumbalara: L. Weston, J. Sorgel, A. Atkinson, J. Sorgel, M. Atkinson.

Tungamah: N. Connell, B. Griffin, O. Willis, T. Lidgerwood, M. Goldman, A. Mills.


Rumbalara 18.13.121 defeated
Tungamah 0.0.0.

The fourths took on Rumbalara this week.

Harvey, Jayden, Jaxon, Jake and Jack worked tirelessly on the ball all day and Darcy and Jackson worked hard in the backline. 

Banjo and Blair supported the older boys around the ground getting the loose balls. 
Awards: YMGR - Blair McAllen, Subway- Jayden Arnold, Crusty Loaf- Jaxon Raven, Ricky D’s- Jack Costigain and McDonald’s- Banjo True.

Goals: Rumbalara: J. Briggs 3, B. McGowan 3, T. Armstrong 3, S. Stewart 2, B. Armstrong 2, L. Johnson Walker, T. Hoogsaad, M. Atkinson, J. Saunders, M. Doyle.
Best: Tungamah: Harvey Thompson, Jaxon Raven, Jack Costigan, Darcy Hicks, Jake Walker and Blair McAllen.

Rumbalara: B. McGowan, T. Armstrong, J. Morgan, B. Armstrong, L. Johnson Walker, J. Briggs.