Tungamah Netball

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

A Grade

Rumbalara 56 defeated Tungamah 17.

No report submitted.

B Grade

Rumbalara 48 defeated Tungamah 37.

No report submitted. 

C Grade
Rumbalara 51 defeated Tungamah 31.

All players started the game very strong and the first quarter was goal for goal with Tungamah taking a one goal lead into quarter time. 

A tough second quarter saw Rumbalra with a two-goal lead at half time. 

In the third quarter Rumbalara took the game up a level with accurate shooting they took out the win 51-31. 

Katie, Amber and Josie making the most of all rebounds, Bridget, Brooke, Bernadette and Olivia with some really good passages of play in the midcourt and Danielle and Leanne working the ring well.

Awards: Cellarbrations - Bernadette Attwood, Brewit - Kait Megarrity.

C Reserve
Rumbalara 40 defeated Tungamah 37.

Beautiful day for football/ netball and fresh from the week off.
The girls knew this would be a competitive game and were ready to put in 100%.

Dan’s advice to play it the Tungamah way and not worry what Rumbalara were doing or umpires just focus on the team and what they can do definitely helped the girls lift throughout the game.

The Bears started well, Kylie in goals getting a few quick ones to put Tungamah in front, however the Bears slowed at the end of the first quarter which saw Rumbalara come back hard.

Tungamah were down 8 to 14 after the first. 

With fresh legs and a can’t stop attitude the Bears won the second quarter scoring 10 goals to Rumbalara’s 8. 

Anna was determined to annoy the heck out of the WA and was extremely successful as she had her covered. 

Sheryl and Kylie have really synced, feeding each other well and shooting beautifully.

Vanessa showed her determination and drive getting intercept after intercept and kept going. 

Dan and Britt had a lot of good talk and direction for the girls as they really lead the team this week making great drives and passes. 

Stace working hard to always adjust to the player. Sally, Kim and Ness had a tough competitor in goals with a girl another foot taller than them, but they kept going for every rebound and got a lot of intercepts. 

Kim taking out the most magnificent fall for the season, the team hope you don’t pull up too sore. 

It was a great game and the Bears came back fighting; they didn’t make it an easy win for Rumba.

Awards; Byramine Homestead and Brewery – Kylie, Thyme for coffee café -Vanessa.

Under 17s

Rumbalara 40 defeated Tungamah 33.

With the sun shining you could feel finals are just around the corner. The girls were chasing a win to secure a finals double chance but last weekend just wasn’t their day.

The defensive pressure right across the court remained strong all game which resulted in multiple intercepts but Tungamah were just unable to convert into much needed goals.

The Bears will work on certain things at training to improve small errors and prepare for a challenge next week when they meet Deni who are currently sitting second on the ladder.

Wishing Grace Whitelock all the best with her recent injury and the team are looking forward to your return.

Under 15s

Rumbalara 48 defeated Tungamah 37.

No report submitted. 

Under 13s 
Rumbalara 35 defeated Tungamah 10.

What a ripper day for netball. Rumba was going to be a tough side to keep up with but with all the pressure throughout the game, it helped the Bears to not hit the mercy rule this week.

Addi moved out of her comfort zone into GD this week and smashed it with the pressure and not stopping the entire time. 

Charlotte and Lilly moved to the goals and aced it, Charlotte with her trick shot and Lilly constantly finding space.

A huge thank you to Dan for stepping in for Kim and coaching this week. 
Awards: McDonald’s- Charlotte Goudie, Yarrawonga Videoland - Addi Priestley, Crusty Loaf - Lilly Spithill.

Under 11s 

Score: Mercy Rule

The mini Bears came up against a much stronger team this week in Rumbalara. To the girls credit they kept their heads up and played the best they could until the final siren. 
The 1st quarter saw Shylee score the first and only goal of the game. 

All the attacks this week, Emily C, Shylee, Maddie and Lara had their work cut out for them against a much taller defence but they kept moving in and around the ring and were able to get the ball a few times in the attack end.
The 2nd quarter Tungamah lost their way but the 3rd quarter the Bears came out firing and played the best quarter of the game. 

Allowing Rumba to only score 3 goals. 

Chaye, Molly, Emily B, Chloe and Elli all played great defence, arms up, tough pressure, and they got their hands on many intercepts and turned the ball around but Tunga just couldn’t get it down the court. 
The Bears tried again in the 4th quarter but continued the pressure on the court and kept the smiles on their faces.
Just in case the wonderful umpire gives birth during the week the Bears would like to thank Dan for her awesome umpiring/direction during the season, the club really appreciate it.

Awards: Subway: Elli, McDonalds: Maddie, Crusty Loaf: Chloe.