Kate’s kiss goodbye to MS

By Southern Riverina News

‘‘Life goes on, you still have to deal with what’s thrown your way.’’

That’s Kate Mueller’s positive attitude towards her recent multiple sclerosis (MS) diognosis.

The Finley local has started to raise funds for MS Research Australia through the Kiss Goodbye to MS program. It involves walking or running 50km during May.

Mrs Mueller and her 14 strong team of local ladies called ‘your pace or mine’ has collectively raised more than $4000 while there are also funding commitments from seven other locals.

So far the 37 year-old has racked up 25km of walking around her family farm or the Finley Lake.

‘‘A lot of the team are close family and friends. Everyone has to do 50km or more.

‘‘I’m a little bit behind but I’m determined to do it. If I went by my Fitbit I would have smashed it already, it’s just finding that extra 50km than what I do on a regular basis.

‘‘It has been fulfilling but more humbling because of the support I’ve had. During my TV interview (with WIN News) I was emotional about the people supporting me rather than the disease.

‘‘I put a limit of $1000 we expected to raise so it feel great to smash that number.’’

All money raised will go back into finding a cure for MS.

Mrs Mueller was only diognosed with MS late last year, but it is believed she might have had the nerve disease for more than 15 years.

‘‘Luckily its had minimal effect so far. It answered a lot of questions for me over the years.

‘‘It was August last year I had numbness in my tounge, lips and jaw for about six to eight weeks however it wasn’t at the same time so that’s what started the process.

‘‘It started with half of my tounge then progressed but my first notable episode happened about 15 years ago when I lost speech.

‘‘We did tests back then but never really went any further because an episode usually lasted seven to 10 days.

‘‘My biggest problem is living by the phrase ‘ah, she’ll be right’ but not anymore.’’

The mother of three young daughters is determined not to let MS affect her life and will still be devoted to her local community.

‘‘I’m a member of the Finley Show Society and an Apex wife. It has been a pretty busy week with the B&S ball.

‘‘Here I was thinking I might need to stop the community hats, but that’s not happening because I’m too passionate about it.

‘‘I can’t say it had really stopped our way of life, because I’ve been living with it for 15 years and being none-the-wiser.

‘‘The only thing we’ve thought of is will it rear its ugly head.’’

In Australia about 26,000 people are living with MS and there are three times more women than men diognosed.

Mrs Mueller said she hopes to raise awareness throughout the community.

‘‘By doing the walk we are trying to get more people talking about it. It effects younger Australians between the age of 20 and 40.

‘‘There are some local identities in town living with it including some close friends of mine.’’

World MS Day is on Thursday, May 30. It’s the 15th year anniversary of Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraising drive, and this year about 9000 people are enlisted to walk or run 50km in May.