Prato, wear honesty is their best policy

By Riverine Herald

THERE’S one key quality the girls that Prato pride themselves on — honesty.

Oh, that, and a killer fashion eye.

But mostly honesty. Because let’s be honest stepping into a clothing store can be a slightly traumatising experience.

You walk in bright and full of hope — but, more often than not, leave rumpled, tangled and with a bag full of clothes you’re not sure suit you.

Because the shop assistant said they looked great on you.

But were they telling the truth?

According to owner Shirley Maddison, at Prato, they always are.

Because a good fit for you is a bonus for them.

‘‘It actually doesn’t do us any favours if we don’t tell our customers the truth,’’ she said.

‘‘If they go out wearing a top that doesn’t suit them and they tell someone where it’s from, that doesn’t help us.

‘‘We pride ourselves on honest, correct advice. We let them know if something doesn’t suit them and we help them find an alternative that looks amazing.’’

Needless to say, the stylish and friendly staff are there for you.

‘‘We offer a great shopping experience, great customer service, and we just want our customers to feel special.’’

Shirley has owned the store for three years, working previously as a shop assistant.

Over that time, she has seen a lot of changes in town, hence why she can say we need to keep shopping locally.

‘‘I think it’s so important. By doing that we can keep businesses open and create jobs for local people,’’ she said.

And she’s also continued Prato’s reputation for always supplying premium fashion labels.

‘‘We have recently introduced a couple of new younger labels, but we’re pretty much the same,’’ she said.

‘‘We want to look after our customers so they don’t have to go out of town.

‘‘Plus we get to know what our customers really like, so we can let them know when new items come in.’’

And now, your shopping experience with Prato will be even smoother with the launch of their brand new website.

Featuring pages of dresses, tops, bottoms, coats and jackets, you can now shop from the comfort of your own home.

To shop online, visit