Mama Mayhem

That day that belongs to the mothers of every description

By Riverine Herald

I HOPE all the mums out there are feeling rested, spoilt and pampered.

Maybe you had your nails painted in rainbow colours, enjoyed a very ticklish foot rub, perhaps you were treated to breakfast in bed with burnt toast and way too much Vegemite, or possibly your face has broken out in a red rash thanks to a do-it yourself facial.

You may have been lucky enough to score a present you can actually use, like a spa voucher or skin products (essential once you hit 40), but I’m sure many of you tried to look grateful when you received your seventh coffee mug or 10th pair of slippers.

I count myself lucky because the girls’ stepmum — who knows just what I like — usually takes them shopping and I end up scoring a pretty cool gift.

But the thing is, it doesn’t really matter what you get because it really is the thought that counts, right?

When I was little, I used to ask my Mum what she wanted for Mothers’ Day or birthdays and she always replied with ‘a handmade card’.

I would always roll my eyes and think she had lost her mind. I mean who doesn’t love a good present?

But, as usual, it turns out mother knows best.

The handmade cards and drawings are now the things I treasure most.

In fact, I discovered two boxes full of them while going through some old things the other week.

And how adorable they were. Ayla’s cards declaring I was the world’s best Mum because I was funny, made the best pancakes, played games with her, and gave the best hugs.

Now she is reaching those wonderful teenage years, those loving statements are becoming few and far between.

But what she lacks in words, she always makes up for in actions — and always makes sure Mothers’ Day is special for me.

Last year, she spent hours the night before decorating the lounge room filled with everything I love, dressed me up like a queen and performed a very entertaining concert with Maya.

When it comes to heartfelt words, Maya’s got it covered. She is a sensitive little soul and often pours her heart out on paper.

So cards from her consist of things such as ‘You are the most special Mum I have ever had’, ‘You make me feel happy and safe because you love me and care for me’, ‘You are the most beautiful and caring Mum in the world’, ‘I could never live without you’.

Although Maya wants to be a police officer when she grows up, she could definitely have a career with Hallmark or as a romance novelist.

And yesterday they didn’t disappoint, spoiling me with more messages of love and the usual crazy antics.

So I opted against the Vegemite on toast and chose avocado and egg on toast, pineapple mocktail and a cup of green tea.

Then they walked me into the lounge which they had transformed into Fantasia from (you guessed it) The Neverending Story — my favourite childhood movie (ok, still favourite film).

They made a cubby which was supposed to be the cave that Engywook and Urgl live in, complete with magical potions, maps, candles and presents.

I was totally spoilt with chocolates, a cupcake smelling pen (which could come in handy), Parisian bookmark, a Mum’s survival kit and lots of gorgeous homemade cards.

But to top things off, they also gave me a beautiful floating locket with their names, birthstones and children’s charms inside it.

I think I owe a huge shout out to the girls’ stepmum Amanda Wise because my girls’ idea of saving up pocket money is taking their $5 and immediately spending it on lollies.

So thank you to Amanda, not just for the necklace, but for being a caring and understanding second Mum to my girls.

She has to deal with the same trials and tribulations as I do and while my daughters are not her biological children, she always treats them as if they were.

Mothers come in all different forms — stepmums, single mums, foster mums and grandmothers who are caring for their grandchildren — and they are just as deserving, if not more so, of a very Happy Mothers’ Day.