It is time

By Andrew Johnston

SATURDAY will be a special event for the Echuca Football and Netball Club.

But there is still a game of football to be played.

Echuca finds itself in unchartered territory, sitting fourth on the Goulburn Valley League ladder — one game ahead of fifth and sixth.

Things seem to be going pretty well at Vic Park, but the club is well aware of how quickly things can change.

‘‘We are in a good position,’’ co-coach Simon Maddox said.

‘‘But we also know how important it is to keep winning. There are sides below us who want to be higher in the six, and there are sides below them who see every game as an elimination final.

‘‘So we have to keep beating those sides below us on the ladder, because if you drop one of those games, you’re back to fighting to keep your head above water.

‘‘And if you do beat one of the sides above you later in the year, rather than taking the advantage, you are just squaring the ledger again.’’

Seymour is one of those sides rapidly running out of lives.

In spite of their stunning upset against Benalla, the Lions are still two games adrift from the top six.

Tomorrow, Echuca has to figure out how to handle the Lions biggest weapon — Jason Cole.

Cole stunned the competition against Benalla two weeks ago by amassing 61 disposals and booting six goals.

But it’s not as simple as stopping Cole on the day according to Maddox.

‘‘I don’t see us tagging him,’’ he said.

‘‘Someone will get the job on him of course, and that could be any one of our guys.

‘‘Where you hurt a guy like Jason is going back the other way, by taking the opportunities when we have the footy. We have the quality in our midfield group to damage Seymour going the other way, so we will hopefully take those chances.’’

And the Murray Bombers have confidence across the board.

‘‘We are in a really good place at the moment,’’ Maddox said.

‘‘We are getting wins in all the comps, we are back on our home deck and feeling pretty good about the brand of football we are playing in this competition.’’