City of Echuca

By Riverine Herald

City of Echuca

CLUB president Pat Schram will compete in the regional final of the women’s Over 60 singles on Sunday. This match will be played at White Hills Bowling Club, commencing at 9.30am. Her opponent for this match will be Kaye Rowe from the Eaglehawk Bowls Club. All members of City of Echuca wish Pat all the best this Sunday.

Members are reminded again to check the notice board at the club for social and bowls event information. Entry forms are now on the board for the Kennaugh Mixed Triples on Monday, November 12; as well as the ladies’ and men’s Christmas fours events.


Mixed triples — Monday, October 8. 1 Jim Thomas, Belinda Chong and Max Clifford. 2 John Simpson, Jack Shearer and Ray McDonnell.

Men’s pairs — Thursday, October 11. 1 Ray Milne and Col Berryman. 2 Keith and Peter Tinning. 3 Barry Devlin and Gary Radford. Vouchers: Jim Harris and Greg Clymo.

Midweek teams:

Division one, round three against Rich River, away. Michelle Cunnington, Jesse Dehne, Norma Hall, Leica Roney(s). Pat Schram, Rhonda Gallagher, Lynne Brown, Jean Fairchild (s). Lee Beattie, Kerryn Evans, Lyn Snell, Roma Opie(s). Side manager: Kerryn Evans. Coach: Philip Thorn.

Division two, round two at Lockington. Heather Trotter, Chris Egan, A Van Der Kley, Di Payne(s). Ellie McGowan, Bernie Johns, Gayle Kerr, Marg Shearer(s). Helen Pitts, Jan Cowley, Ros Neil, Maree Malone(s). Side manager: Ros Neil.

Division three, round three at Ky Valley View.

Belinda Chong, Mike Meyer, Lois Robson, Lynda Ormando(s). Jill Young, John Catanese, John Cowan, Jenny Blaser(s). Side manager: Linda Ormando. Coach: Viv Balfour.

Weekend teams:

Division one, away at Moama: John Dinsdale, Mark Evans, Carlie Taylor, Brent Reiner (s). Geoff Halden, Ivan Hicks, John O’Brien, George Thornley(s). Steve Cunnington, Stan Glasser, Steve McCartney, Greg Page(s). Side manager: Ivan Hicks.

Division two, Moama at home: Ian Whiting, Lal Whyte, Lynne Brown, John Brown(s). Jim Thomas, Tony Deenen, Dennis Portwine, Jim Ferrier(s). Eddie Blampied, Mike Meyer, Col Berryman, Noel West(s). Side manager: Col Berryman.

Division three, away at Moama: Michelle Cunnington, John Dignan, Bob Bartlett, Norm Hodge(s). Blake Curnow, Trevor Rickard, Vera Curnow, Bill Toll(s). Ron Payne, Lyn Snell, Jack Shearer, Toby Egan(s). Side manager: Jack Shearer.

Division four, away at Moama: Don Hicks, John Kelly, Steve Nolan, Jim Aitken(s). Belinda Chong, John Cowan, Bob Pratt, John Hollowood(s). Keith McGowan, Nathan Beecroft, Wayne McPoyle, Rhonda Gallagher(s). Side manager: John Hollowood.

Division five, away against Moama Red: Lee Beattie, Jacob Brighton, Bill Cook, John Simpson(s). Bluey Charman, Callum O’Shea, Bernard Czaja, David Peck(s). Side manager: John Simpson.

Home club duty umpire of the day: Tony Deenan. Emergencies: Daryl La Velle, Linda Ormando, Jim Stapleton. Duty: Jim Ferrier, 8am.

Rich River

GOOD bowling to our club member Merv Harvey when he represents CVBD in the Over 60 singles event to be held at White Hills Bowls Club Sunday October, 21 at 9.30am for a 10am start.

Men’s jackpot pairs results for October 10 saw the winners Hugh Davies and Roy Berryman 53 points. Draw and a win to Graeme Edgar and Renn Ritchie nine shots up. Repecharge Max Kosch and Bruce O’Neale 20 shots up.

The men’s five-a-side event has reached a capacity field and with good weather forecast for October 24 and 25 it should be a great couple of days bowling.

Entries for the ladies’ new concept tournament of a composite two bowl triples (more than one club in team) to be held on Wednesday, November 7 are coming in. Consider our small clubs in our district and invite them into your team. Entries to Marg Young on 0407799537 or email [email protected]

Ladies social bowls last week was a pairs event, the winners were Jan McEwan and Sandra Harvey +7, runners-up Marie Stevens and Shirley McGann +6.

Midweek teams:

Division one, round three against Echuca at home: Roseanne Sharp, Judy Vise, Merle Smith, Liz Easther(s). Rose Sinclair, Jan McEwan, Judy White, Lyn Barker(s). Toni Beck, Marg Young, Wilma Williams, Marg Griffiths(s). Side manager: Marg Young.

Division two, round two against Rochester at home:

Prill Edgar, Marg Spinks, Wendy Nagorcka, Phil Styles(s). Lois Williams, Joy Kelly, Fran Galvin, Marie Stevens(s). Bev Mills, Cath Mackenzie, Betty Linquist, Pat Sehestedt(s). Side manager: Prill Edgar.

Division three, round three, bye at home.

Eileen Pineo, Shirley McGann, Marg Kirk, Heather Freeman(s). Sandy Harvey, Joan Luke, Noeline King, Jan Hocken(s). Side manager: Joan Luke. Duty: Jan Hocken, Heather Freeman.

Weekend pennant teams:

Division one v Mathoura, away: Jerome Shaw, Max Kosch, Graeme Moffatt, Stan Barker(s). Robert Taylor, Keith Hewitt, Barry Devlin, Tim Noar(s). Trevor Nagorcka, Hugh Davies, Eugene Xodo, Gary Radford (s).

Division two v Deniliquin, home: Rob Holmfield, Paul Kearney, Bill McEwan, Renn Richie(s). Allan Linquist, Greg Clymo, Peter Moon, Ian Page(s). Ron Bentley, Darryl Wood, Bill Curnow, Roy Berryman(s).

Division three v Deniliquin, away: Barry Cox, Des Sehestedt, Paul Wallace, John James(s). Barry Downer, Leon Sharp, Keith Rowan, Ken Jones(s). Max Bidgood, Warwich Styles, Bruce O’Neale, Gerry Devlin(s).

Division four v Mathoura, home: Geoff Kiefel, John Hewlett, John Langley, Keith Robertson(s). Franco Perissinotto, Robert Brereton, George Clarence, Vic Woods(s). Brian Watts, Rob Thomas, Malcolm Mitchell, Graeme Edgar(s).

Division five v Mathoura, away: Mel Velt, Doug Jay, Peter Preston, John Stuart(s). Mal Whyte, Laurie Phillips, Ron Luke, Barry Kelly(s).

60 and Over

ON A windy but sunny day, 112 bowlers turned out to play at Elmore. While the strong blustery winds affected play a great day was had by all. We had four three-game winners.

The runners-up being a team from Moama, John Munro, Brian Hester, Ken Sipthorp and skip Tim Robertson-Kevington, with the winners hailing from Rochester, Francis Keech, Phil Hampson, Ross Lees and skip David Murray. Next week is at Ky Valley View, get entries in early as the field was at capacity.

Echuca Senior Citizens

FRIDAY’S indoor bowling saw winners in Pat Hay, Eddy Williamson and Val Gaylor(s).

Runners-up were Hazel O’Dwyer, Dot Brennan and Win Kneebone(s).


Weekend pennant results

Division one: Deniliquin RSL 59 lt Mathoura 79.

Division two: Mathoura 76 d Rochester 59.

Division four: Mathoura 83 d Echuca 58.

Division five: Moama 62 d Mathoura 39.

Welcome to Cec Moss and a correction to the spelling of Alan Polak — as you can see it is with a K not C, apologies to Al. A win by three out of four teams, good effort from everyone.

Moama RSL

RESULTS from Monday’s bowling saw 24 players play three games of 10 ends. The winners on 43 points were Maureen Vosper, Myrle Clancy, Phyllis Allez and Heather Smith(s).

Runners-up with 42 points were Colin Hicks, Bev Healey, Paula Barkham and Alan Haw(s). Consolation prizes went to Peter Pavone, Pamela Kerr and Pat Benson.

Moama Shots Up

Indoor bowls, October 14. Winners: Ken Hopper, Ivy Nash, Peter Pavon. Runners-up: Kath Dobson, Niel Handy, John McVicker, Joy Hooper.

Outdoor bowls, October 9 — Alby Matthews Triples. Winners: Ian McGregor, Peter Moon, Gordon Johnston. Runners-up: Ken Sipthorp, Nev Bullard, Max Bennett. Consolation: John Shaw, Ben Franklin, Norm Hodge, Gil Crouch, Eddie Smith, Alex Mcquarrie, Les Saunderson.

Thursday, October 11 — Men’s Pairs: Winners: W Stevenson, N Varcoe. Runners-up: M Harvey, R Taylor. Consolation: M Holmes, R Young, G Pettigrove, G O’Brien.

Thursday, October 11 — Ladies Social. Winners: Carmel Simpson. Runners-up: Rhonda Grouelgur. Consolation: Wilma Curnow, Shirley Riter, Carol Matthews, Margret.

CVBD State

The State Triples has been finalised. The winners are the Moama team of Marilyn Stephenson, MaryAnn Spizer and Sandra Connolly. The final was a very close game with the Moama team defeating the Elmore team 16-13.

Next Sunday, October 21, the winners of Campaspe Valley 60 and over Pairs and Singles, and also the Novice Singles will play the Bendigo winners at White Hills. Good bowling to Pat Schram, Marilyn Stephenson Merilyn Rehe and Yvonne Smolenaars.