Archie on fire

By Andrew Johnston

THE year of dominance from Archie Reid continues.

Even in what he considers almost a training run, very few can keep up with the young runner.

Back in his pet event, the 5000m, at the State Track and Field Championships in Melbourne over the long weekend, Reid’s focus was actually two weeks away at the national championships.

The goal for states was simple — run his best time and get ready for the main event.

As it turns out, his best on the day would be his fastest time ever.

Reid ran the race in 14 minutes 39 seconds, taking 20 seconds off his personal best and moving to within a minute of the state record held by Craig Mottrom.

Reid said he was happy with the improvement.

‘‘It’s good to have a strong time in the 5000,’’ he said.

‘‘I felt really good during the race; the recent training has my body feeling like it can produce some really good times at the moment.

‘‘Being able to get out on the course and compete in this event again was really important as I get myself ready for the nationals coming up soon.’’

But despite Reid’s improved time, he wasn’t able to take home the gold — falling short of first place by just two seconds.

But for Reid, this was hardly an issue.

‘‘To be honest I wasn’t overly worried about where I placed in this race,’’ he said.

‘‘This race was about being back on the track and competing in the event again and making sure that I am in the best possible condition I can be when I get to the nationals.

‘‘I think I’m a real chance of getting a medal at the event, so now my whole focus is on that event.’’