Bears tough day at the office

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

It was a tough day at the office coming up against a power house in the Murray League.


Nathalia 6.0 16.3 20.11 29.13 (187)

Tungamah 4.0 5.1 7.3 9.3 (57)

Goals: Nathalia: Alex Hicks 10, Liam Evans 4, Adam Jorgensen 4, Brodie Ross 2, Rhys Shannon 2, Drew Barnes 2, Malcolm Barnes 2, Jason Limbrick 2, Bailey Bell 1. Tungamah: Ashley Saunders 5, Thomas Irvine 1, Duane Haebich 1, Benjamin Beaton 1, Terence Jones 1.

Best: Nathalia: Alex Hicks, Drew Barnes, Adam Hickey, Adam Jorgensen, Bailey Bell, Ned Nihill. Tungamah: Kade Rowe, Craig Whinray, Thomas Irvine, Bodhi Butts, Ashley Saunders, Terence Jones.

The 1st quarter was a tight tussle with the Tungamah boys matching it with Nathalia, playing Bears brand of football. But that’s where it ended, with the Bears beaten by a stronger quicker outfit that outplayed them. Having 2 of the big men go down didn’t help the outcome but no excuses.

Next week is another opportunity to show the supporters Tungamah are better than that and play their best footy.
Awards: St James Hotel - Tom Irvine, Yarrawonga Hotel - Duane Haebich, Tungamah Hotel - Craig Whinray, Crusty Loaf - Ned Connell.


Nathalia 11.5.71 def Tungamah 3.4.22

Goals: Nathalia: Matt Davies 6, Shaun Bennie 2, Kodi Hicks 2, Tyson Richards 1.

Tungamah: Jarryd Ash 1, Adam Dodd 1, Jacob Sampson 1.

Best: Nathalia: Alistair Corry, Matt Davies, Craig Kellow, Christopher Brown, Matt Carroll, Sean Zammit.

Tungamah: Angus Heslin, Jacob Sampson, William Prescott, Jacob Bartlett, Justin Saunders, Ryan Walker.

No report submitted.


Nathalia 7.5.47 def Tungamah 5.4.34

Goals: Nathalia: Woody Guthrie 3, Adam Zammit 2, Shannon Young 1, Toby Hansford 1.

Tungamah: Harvey Thomson 3, Brock Bate 1, Tom Lidgerwood 1.

Best: Nathalia: Toby Hansford, Kaleb Kopsidas, Jake Brown, Woody Guthrie, Adam Zammit, Aiden Lindsay.

Tungamah: Oscar Willis, Ben Griffin, Tom Lidgerwood, Rory Bartlett, Harvey Thomson, Ned Connell.

No report submitted.


Nathalia 20.8.128 defeated Tungamah 0.0.0

The fourths travelled to Nathalia this week. Jack and Tom played a good game, tackling and making sure the opposition knew they were there. 

Jayden played a great game in the backline, playing a real hard defensive game. 

Patrick played a great game in the ruck, doing what the coaches asked. 

The whole team had a great attitude and did what the coaches asked. 

Awards: YMGR – Jack Costigan, Crusty Loaf – Harvey Thomson, Subway – Patrick Eales, Ricky D’s – Darcy Hicks, McDonalds – Jayden Arnold and Tom Costigan.

Best: Tungamah: Jack Costigan, Harvey Thomson, Patrick Eales, Darcy Hicks, Jayden Arnold, Thomas Costigan.

Nathalia: Mason Cobbledick, Darcy Conroy, Brandon Orton, Ewan Congues, Brodie Armstrong, Jeremiah Amery.