Golf ban lifted, so c’ships continue

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

It has been an off again, on again week amid the COVID-19 confusion, but for now we have positive news.

Members of Deniliquin Golf Club will be permitted to continue playing golf, either social or competition, provided strict social distancing protocols are followed.

As such the final round of the Men’s Championships will take place tomorrow, with Matt Thomas having a stranglehold on the title after his brilliant four under par 68 in last Sunday’s second round.

Good luck to all players tomorrow, especially those in contention for victory in their respective grades.

The ladies completed their championships last week. Congratulations to Vicki Brunker who claimed back to back championship trophies, as well as B grade champion Denise Hunter and C grade champion Coral Maher.

Brunker also won last Thursday’s A grade stroke round with a net 73, from Kathy Simpson on 76. In B grade Annette Danckert had a net 68 to defeat Ann Bull net 71.

In the first round of the men’s championships on Saturday, Graeme ‘Wrecker’ Willoughby was the A grade winner with net 71 from Terry Howe on 73. 

Ladies dominated B grade, won by Ann Crossley net 70, from Lyn O’Brien net 71; Alan Jenkin had net 68 to win C grade from Gary Rodda net 69, and Jack Pekin won C grade with net 67, from Gary Stephens net 70.

On Sunday Matt Thomas, off a scratch handicap, had 68 off the beat to score a three shot win from Jack Tonta in A grade. 

The B grade winner was Thomas Bult net 70, by a shot from Peter Thompson net 71; in C grade Mark Thomas made it a family day out with net 71 to win on countback from Gary Rodda, and in D grade

Ian Campbell had net 73 to win on countback from David Maraldo.

Until further notice there are no Friday night raffles or other activity in the clubhouse, apart from takeaway sales on competition days.

Keep enjoying your golf, but make sure you stay healthy and follow the social distancing protocols.

Last week’s results:

Thursday March 26, ladies stroke:

A grade V Brunker 73, r/u K Simpson 76; B grade A Danckert 68, r/u A Bull 71.

Ball comp: C Maher, B Purtill, B Leetham, L O’Brien, S Aitken, A Crossley, P Davis, D Hunter, P Lloyd.

NTP: C Maher, V Brunker.

Saturday March 29, single stroke, first round men’s championships:

A grade G Willoughby 71, r/u T Howe 73; B grade A Crossley 70, r/u L O’Brien 71; C grade A Jenkin 68, r/u G Rodda 69; D grade J Pekin 67, r/u G Stephens 70.

Ball comp: S Tritton, M Radeski, S Tilders, W Hodgson, N Glowrey, M Thomas, K Collins, G Rothwell, G Willis, K Maher, A Wettenhall, R Taylor, B Barlow, G Maddison, M McDonald, P Oddy, P Joice, T Grant, V Kelly, V Hutton, C Mitsch, D Hunter, N Boswell, M Barnett, R Phillips.

Eagle: M Thomas 12th.

Sunday March 29, second round men’s championships: A grade M Thomas 68, r/u J Tonta 71; B grade T Bult 70, r/u P Thompson 71; C grade M Thomas 71, c/b G Rodda; D grade I Campbell 73, c/b D Maraldo.

Ball comp: C Thomson, B Barlow, T Grant, D Ramsey, C Mitsch, A Wettenhall, J Rhook, P O’Brien, N Boswell, A Tonta, G Rothwell, W Hodgson, P Seely, G Willoughby, S Callanan, B Dixon, R Turner.

NTP: 2nd G King; 5th P Hodgkinson, I Campbell; 9th N Swainger; 11th W Hodgson; 13th P Joice. Golden hole P Hodgkinson.

Eagles: C Thomson 10th; T Grant 1st; M McDonald 12th.