Sitting under the stars

By Alex Gretgrix

FORGET things that go bump in the night - have you ever considered all the extra-terrestrials floating around in the night sky?

Above you.

Right above you.

Join Nanneella Estate Primary School and you might just get to see what space is all about at their free 'Dinner with the Stars' event on Tuesday, September 3.

If you want to be a true philouran, you need to know the significance of this week as it is one of the rare occasions all of Jupiter's four moons, Saturn with its rings and a crescent moon will all be visible.

Thanks to the support of the Bendigo District Astronomical Society, the students and interested community members will get the chance to look to the skies through amazing telescopes.

So come along to the Nanneella Estate Primary School with a plate to share from 6pm -  you never know what (or who) you might see.

For more information, contact NEPS on 5484 5395 or email [email protected]