Echuca Specialist School sees new site almost finished

By Alex Gretgrix

EXCITEMENT is building as the new Echuca Specialist School site nears completion.

With a few minor jobs still left to do, principal Paul Marshall is getting the students and staff ready for the big move.

“We're just waiting on a few small things to be finished and some of our furniture, but the building portion is complete,” he said.

“We're excited to be able to assist getting our students ready when the time does come to move into our new school.”

While they may not be able to move in until the beginning of term four, Mr Marshall said the school would be ready when the time comes.

“We will be taking the students to the new school for transition days,” he said.

“While we can't actually have the students in and learning yet, we're able to show them where they will be working and get used to their new spaces.

“It's also been good because now they can have a say in what their classrooms look like. We've had them helping our staff put the finishing touches on the rooms which has been a huge help.”

During the transition over the next five weeks, each class will spend at least two sessions a week at the new site.

Mr Marshall said these sessions would not only make students more excited for the move, but even more comfortable.

“Some of our students can feel a little bit nervous as they enter new environments, so that transition will be good for everyone,” he said.

Staff have also been able to use the time to ensure their spaces are utilised.

“Teachers have been able to look at their spaces and work out the best way to use them as new learning environments,” Mr Marshall said.

“We essentially now have three separate pods on site so I'm looking forward to my staff being able to work a lot closer together and create a greater collaboration between students in different classrooms as well.”

Mr Marshall said although Twin Rivers School was unable to be on site during the transition due to COVID-19 restrictions, Echuca Specialist School was keen to work together in their new collaborative learning environment.