MAGS’ virtual visit with NSW Governor

By Alex Gretgrix

LEGAL studies students from Moama Anglican Grammar learnt from the best recently during their virtual meeting with NSW Governor Margaret Beazley.

Governor Beazley has a long and distinguished law career and, as part of her virtual tour of Moama, was keen to connect with MAGS.

MAGS Head of Human Society and Its Environment Lee Macey said the governor took the time to interact and get to know the students while giving advice at the same time.

“The governor was generous with her time and eager to hear from the students about their career aspirations,” he said.

“She responded in length to their queries about her career journey, memorable legal cases she has worked on, and advice for pursuing a legal career.

“One of the key pieces of advice she gave to the students is to find mentors in their chosen profession to help guide them along their journey.”

In addition to discussing the highlights and challenges of her career as a barrister and a judge - which includes being appointed the first female judge of the Federal Court of Australia - the governor also spoke about her current role and shared what she liked most about it.

That being, meeting and talking with people from all walks of life from across the state.

“Students perceived her as a positive role model and appreciated hearing her experiences as a trailblazing woman in the Australian legal system, and her honesty and thoroughness in their discussions,” Mr Macey said.

After meeting with the students, the governor also met with MAGS principal Carmel Spry to discuss how the current COVID-19 situation and restrictions were affecting the region, students and the school.