School holiday fun at Billabong Ranch

Leading the way: Blake Cameron leading the camel riders down the road. Photo by steve Huntley.

Billabong Ranch is one of the region’s most popular destinations during the school holidays and Riv photographer Steve Huntley visited the tourist attraction last week with his camera to capture some of the action.

Cowgirl: Hayley Acquisto preparing for a day of work on the ranch, which has many different attractions for its visitors. Photo by steve Huntley.
One hump or two: Camels are just one of the means of transpotation available to those participating in the activities on the farm. Photo by steve Huntley.
Trail riding: Billabong Ranch was borne out of a trail riding business and it remains one of the major focuses of the holiday destination. Photo by steve Huntley.
Small in the saddle: Jack Acquisto loving his pony ride with Blake Cameron leading. Photo by steve Huntley.
Round up a posse: Having fun on the trail ride were several visitors to the ranch, learning new skills in horse handling. Photo by steve Huntley.
New arrival: There are a variety of animals on the property which capture the attention of visitors, last week it was this foal who was the focus. Photo by steve Huntley.