Victorian Welsh choir to visit Ky

By Holly Tregenza

HAVE you ever seen a choir so good you immediately joined? 

Ken McMullan has, and he's inviting you to be part of the group's next performance. 

The Victorian Welsh Choir will be taking to the stage at the Living Waters Church in Kyabram on Sunday, September 8 at 2.30pm. 

Tickets are $25 and the proceeds will contribute to the Kyabram P-12 Chaplaincy program. 

Welsh is not the easiest language to understand, let alone sing, but for Ken and his friend Ivan Ryall it's been a wonderful opportunity. 

"At the start of each practice we do a language lesson," Ivan said.

"We've been to Wales as a choir group and they thought we were Welsh, so we took that as a pretty good compliment."

The singing group will be led by award-winning Welsh music director Faleiry Koczcar. 

"She is incredible and we are very lucky to have her," Ivan said. 

"Absolutely nothing slips past without her hearing it. She'll be able to pinpoint exactly who was off note, it is quite incredible."

And while there will certainly be some traditional Welsh tunes, you'll also recognise some classics and be invited to sing along. 

Book by phoning Sue on 0400 565 052, or tickets are available at the door.