Soap has become the star at Windella Farm

By Daneka Hill

THERE is a goat dairy outside Cohuna going from strength to strength, struggling to keep up with Australia’s demand for its soaps.

Sarah Mostyn runs Windella Farm and said the business took off almost overnight in November after she posted her products to a page highlighting goods in drought affected areas.

“It was overwhelming, it was huge, huge, huge numbers of orders from all these new customers which was amazing,” Sarah said. “It also cleaned me out of all my Christmas stock so there was a mad rush to make more in time for December markets.”

Sarah believes the future for Cohuna lies in diversifying and adopting value-add products.

“We started with the dairy goats and now unexpectedly the soap and other value-add products are a much bigger part of our business than what we’d intended,” she said. “I hope our agriculture can recoup from the situation we are in at the moment, I hope that change happens because we are so well positioned to be a food bowl.”

In addition to going from a full time accounting job to a full time goat farmer, Sarah also runs Cohuna’s monthly farmers markets and will oversee the 2020 Big Cohuna Festival.

“Time is always short but they say ask a busy person if you want to get something done,” she laughed.