No toilet humour, but the neighbours are on a roll

By Lachlan Durling

IT WAS the last thing Stacey Fraser was expecting to see hovering over the family home but it was a welcome relief from the current goings on in the world.

The Echuca East family walked out to their back yard today to find a drone carrying a roll of toilet paper with a message from the neighbours – which provided a good laugh for the kids who are housebound for the school holidays.

“I’ve been at home with the kids since they started school holidays on Tuesday. We couldn’t see anything, but we could hear a buzzing, then we saw the toilet roll,” Stacey said.

Combatting cabin fever and stopping the kids from going stir crazy, the family has come up with a schedule that includes time for learning, playing and relaxing.

“It breaks up the day for us, we’ve been out on the bikes and just keeping active – the kids are missing sport and seeing their friends but it’s about getting them used to the idea of keeping to themselves,” Stacey said.

“Now, for us with school holidays it’s usually planning our Easter getaway and the kids looking forward to seeing their friends but that’s not the case.”