PV Amphibious now above water

By Brayden May

THE paddleboat PV Amphibious is now sitting above water after sinking last month.

The salvage operation has taken several weeks with experts required to come in and help bring the boat back up.

Owner Tim Mills said the next move was to get the boat onto the slipway.

“Having the boat out of the water is a good starting point to find out what happened,” he said.

“The salvage team deserve a lot of credit for their efforts. They showed a lot of respect for the boat by ensuring there wasn’t any unnecessary damage.

“Water will still need to be pumped every couple of hours, but we all know it’s going to be a slow process. But with it now sitting above the water, we can start planning on restoring the boat to its former glory.

“To have some answers about what happened will give me a sense of relief.”

Tim hasn’t been able to oversee the operation in person as he remains in South Australia, but is hopeful that could change soon.

“I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity to come see the boat in the near future,” he said.

“But with the restrictions in place, I’ll just be watching from a distance.

“I’m looking forward to be able to start planning the restoration process once the necessary people have finished their investigation.”

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