River City Christian College celebrates 100 days of school and National Tree Day

Teamwork: Trinity Attwell, Jack Johnstone, Emmett Harris, Peta Bell, Maddison Scurrah, Roy Bell, Georgia Wiltshire and Laura Stone all helped to plant a tree at River City Christian College on July 29 for National Tree Day. Photo by Vera CURNOW

Students, staff and parents at River City Christian College celebrated 100 days of Prep and National Tree Day on Friday, July 29.

It was a fantastic day, as the community gathered to recognise the achievement of the Prep students, while each class and a delegation of parents planted six trees.

These trees represent the legacy each child will leave at the college and the legacy of Christian education in each of the students as they develop their potential.

Little helpers: Jeremiah Attwell, Josiah Jasper, Penny McDonald, Nate Greaney, Katrina Condesse, Annabelle Sinapius, Malachi Smith, Daniel Stone, Alana Morehu, Miranda Greaney, Shanae Atley, Chester Harris-Grey and teacher Mrs Emily McConnell with the River City Christian College Prep-Grade 1 class, all dressed as though they were 100 years old, with the school’s new tree. Photo by Vera CURNOW
Growing: River City Christian College Grade 1 student Annabelle Sinapius is 100 days smarter. Photo by Vera CURNOW
Costume: RCCC Prep students Nate and Miranda Greaney in costume for the big occasion. Photo by Vera CURNOW
Together: Proud mum Hayley Morehu and Grade 1 student Alana Morehu colouring in to celebrate 100 days of school. Photo by Vera CURNOW