Tania Tonks on 17 years of building Metricon Homes

Commitment: Metricon Regional North manager Tania Tonks has recently celebrated 17 years with the local builder.

Metricon Regional North manager Tania Tonks has recently celebrated 17 years with the local builder. Promoted to her current position eight years ago, Tania has been a driving force behind the region’s spectacular growth, employment and hundreds of homes built.

From humble beginnings working in administration/customer service just after Metricon’s Regional North inception, to being promoted to the area manager for Shepparton in charge of construction, she now leads a team of more than 100 employees, and her passion for the building business is all-encompassing — from building four of her own homes with Metricon, to delivering the most desirable new-home outcomes for the region’s customers.

With a natural drive for success, Tania has attributed her accomplishments within the business to the support garnered from her team.

“I have been so fortunate in my career at Metricon,” she said.

“I have felt nothing but support and motivation from the people I have had the privilege of working with.

“I have always shared a lot of personal values with Metricon, a strong desire to be the best but also to work with my team, and have experienced huge levels of ongoing support, more than any employee could wish for.

“I was also raised by my grandmother, for whom I am grateful too; her old-fashioned values and strength of character has given me the resilience and drive that I live by every day.

“Working at Metricon in Regional North, I just love that every day is different. Every day is exciting helping people realise their new home dreams. There's a new opportunity around the corner every single day.

“The last 12 to 18 months has been incredible for the region. There’s so much growth going on lately and even more development forecast for the region as more land is being released.

“Something I am very proud of is that I am involved in the Affordable Housing Committee group for the City of Shepparton, as I live locally so I can be part the community not just in business, but also crucially helping address real needs in and around the region.”

When it comes to building her own homes, Tania and her family’s four to date have been total passion projects for her and her husband.

“I live and breathe Metricon,” she said.

“To date we’ve built a Santorini 29, a Mantra 29, a Tulloch 22, a Whittlesea 29 and in the system, which is going to be our forever home, is Botanica 36 that we are building in Kialla, which has views of the bushland.”

Tania added: “’Building homes is in my blood, I’ve not just built many of my own but enjoy working with countless customers and developers to help deliver their dreams. Being part of this journey in the northern region has been an honour and privilege, and I am so excited for what future home dreams I can help deliver to our customers.”

If you would like to know more about Metricon homes in Echuca, visit the Avery 34 display home at 2 Egret St, Moama.