Isolation diaries part 12: A road to somewhere, and a penguin parade

By Andrew Johnston

Well we know where we're going/but we don't know where we've been. - Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads)

FATHER'S Day was a bizarre day for many of us.

A lot of us didn't get to see our dads - just another notable day on the list of things we have had taken away from us in 2020.

So I began the day making a phone call to my dad to wish him a happy Father's Day - the first one he had where both his children were living in a different state.

We were talking about the restrictions and what the next few weeks might look like, and the hope our family might get to see each other again soon.

So, like many of you, I watched (Victorian Premier) Daniel Andrews’ press conference, desperately hoping for great news.

And his announcement was met with a big old, resounding: "eh".

I'll leave the expert analysis of the decisions to the experts, this column isn't about that.

But I know a lot of people would have felt the same way - understanding the situation, and knowing the importance of getting it right, but none the less feeling a tad apathetic.

Small changes are great, and there is no doubt things are going to be different in coming weeks, even if it's as simple as being able to spend time with someone at your house for a brief period of time.

That's great, and as someone who lives alone I am all for it.

But the other side of that is how slowly things will move.

To get it right, we are going to have to continue to make sacrifices, and move along at quite a slow rate of change.

That's fine, the majority of people will do what they were asked because they understand if we get it right, we will be fine.

But it sucks to think things won't move as fast as we would like.

I've given up hope on getting back to Tasmania this year because of their border restrictions, but my hope is my family will be able to make it to NSW to see my sister.

And I'm hoping that when that day arrives, the rules will allow me to make the trip up to see them.

Like everyone else, I'm hoping for Christmas with my family in some way.

So, while I would have liked to see things move a little bit faster, I'm fine with where we are.

I say this every week, but it's ok to be annoyed with how long things are taking.

It's ok to be upset if you haven't seen your family.

Just as long as you are still doing the right thing and trying to contribute to getting things on track.

I'm happy to play the game, and hopefully when we all do, we will win.

I'll finish this off with a little recommendation.

Phillip Island Nature Parks are doing a livestream every night on Facebook and YouTube of the penguin parade.

This is where penguins leave the water and cross the sand at the end of the day.

Now, I love penguins, they're my favourite animal by some distance, so I have really enjoyed watching it every so often.

And I recommend it too.

Who doesn't love penguins?

Seriously, you will feel a lot better.

It's usually on at 6pm every night on Facebook.



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