SPC sales boosted in virus lockdowns

By Geoff Adams

Australian consumers have been snapping up SPC products during the coronavirus pandemic.

The demand has been so strong there is a risk that there may be a shortage of some fruit lines before stocks can be replenished this season.

SPC chief executive officer Robert Giles said the company had experienced strong demand for canned spaghetti and beans during the past few months.

He said customers seemed to be stocking up on the staples.

The company was also seeing increased sales of fruit products, in particular for apricots.

“We finished packing out in February, March and April, so that's all we've got in the warehouse,” Mr Giles said.

He pointed out that SPC couldn't replenish supply because of the seasonal nature of the business, and it was possible certain type of apricot lines could run out before the new season.

“There should still be a lot of fruit available, but it may be that you can't get the fruit in the can size that you want.

“It's clear that people have been buying more fruit.”

Mr Giles said with good rains during winter, and the prospect of lower water prices, he was hoping orchardists would be encouraged to push their trees for maximum fruit production in the coming season.