Torana was worth the trouble

By Madi Chwasta

Brodie Hickey from Numurkah said her dad Alan Hickey bought his Holden Torana 17 years ago for only $12 000, to the extreme disapproval of her mum Kerrie.

“My mum's parents gave them a gift of money 17 years ago, and Dad had the money spent before Mum got to see it,” she said.

“She wasn’t too rapt about it when he came home with the Torana.

“They hardly spoke for about a week.”

However, the car ended up being a sound investment, with Alan making more than quadruple what he paid in the first place when he sold it a year ago.

“Now Mum’s very happy,” Brodie said.

She said her parents have purchased a caravan with the money, and plan to travel around Australia.

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