Old Holden is a family affair

By Madi Chwasta

Bruce Manks from Shepparton has a 1951 EK Holden, and while it’s not quite roadworthy, he’s adamant it will get there.

The car has been in the family for decades — it first belonged to his grandfather, was passed down to his mum, and ended up in his shed after his mum had a car accident in 2002.

“It’s been in the family as long as I remember,” Bruce said.

“Mum passed it down to me, as she said she wouldn't be able to fix it.”

After sitting idle in his shed for 15 years, Bruce decided to kick-start repair works on the car a couple of years ago, in the hope of restoring it to its former glory.

“It’s a slow process — you have to strip the paint, fix the rust, get it repainted and put it all together,” he said.

He hopes to not only get it back on the road, but to pass it down to one of his nieces or nephews and keep the relic in the family.

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