Southern 80

Cruel Southern 80 ending for the Wedge

By Brayden May

THE WEDGE was on a near perfect run yesterday, before disaster struck.

With just 2km to go in the morning run in the 70mph expert, the boat's fuel injector blew.

And it immediately saw the team forced to withdraw from the F2 expert category, much to skier Scott Collins’ frustration.

“The run was going fantastic, but unfortunately these sorts of things happen in this sport,” he said.

“I thought we were setting a good pace up until the incident. As frustrating as it is, we will take away as many positives as we can from the situation.

“Blowing an injector hasn't happened to us in years. It was just one of those things you aren't able to control.”

Like many other competitors, Collins and his teammates were enjoying the conditions.

“It was a pretty smooth run the entire way,” he said.

“There was a little bit of rain around at the time but it wasn't too much of a deterrent."

The incident was a frustrating one for the Wedge team which has finished second on two occasions in the previous three races.

On Saturday, Wedge took to the water in the 60mph social class and veterans class with Collins an observer for the former.

In the 60mph social, the team completed the route from Five Mile to Victoria Park in a time of 16:29.68.

The team then finished inside the top 10 in the veterans in a time of 9:29.10.

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