MAGS enjoy cross country runs

By Riverine Herald

DURING the past three weeks Moama Anglican Grammar students have competed in cross-country events.

Angus McKindlay was the fastest boy across the line in 10:12, while Isabella Crossman was the fastest girl in 11:44.

Martin house finished on top of the points tally among the four houses.

Year 7

Boys: 1st: Lenny Griffiths (12:55); 2nd: Jamie Toohill; 3rd: Lachlan Barlow.

Girls: 1st: Jilly Jones (12:27); 2nd: Katie Barnes; 3rd: Paige Brown.

Year 8

Boys: 1st: Archie Peat (11:18); 2nf: Liam Stephens; 3rd: James Head.

Girls: 1st: Isabella Crossman (11:44); 2nf: Asha Davies; 3rd: Gemma Joyce.

Year 9

Boys: 1st: Sam McKindlay and Jake Clancy (12:20); 3rd: Will Crocker.

Girls: Elyse Kerr and Maia Roberts (14:03); 3rd: Chloe Brown.

Year 10

Boys: 1st: Dylan Scoble (10:46); 2nd: Hugh Wallace; 3rd: James Mawson.

Girls: 1st: Jaymi Clancy (13:12); 2nf: Harper Raverty; 3rd: Adelaide Lias.


Boys: 1st: Angus McKindlay (10:12); 2nd: Riley Smith; 3rd: Tom Holmes.

Girls: 1st: Sarah Jones (13:39); 2nd: Lucy Nelson; 3rd: Abbey Champion.

House points: Martin – 756, Perricoota – 745, Meninya – 741, Chanter – 729.