Victoria’s new ‘single social bubble’ explained

By Brayden May

NEW single social bubbles will be introduced in Victoria in the next week.

From 11.59pm on Sunday, people living alone, or single parent households can nominate one person to form a ‘single social bubble’.

The Victorian Government says the move is to help those who may have been struggling with isolation.

Here’s an explanation of how it will work:

Can I only have one support person in my ‘single social bubble’?

Yes, those living alone, or a single parent can only nominate one person.

Children of the nominated person can attend visits if they can’t be left unattended.

Does my support person have to come to my home?

No. Although if your nominated person lives with other adults, the single person can only visit them when they are alone.

This means if a single person nominates a parent, they can only visit the nominated parent.

Otherwise, the selected parent will need to visit the single person at their home.

What about intimate partners?

You can’t have your intimate partner and another person in your bubble.

You must choose one or the other.

Can I stay overnight with the person in my bubble?

Yes, residents can stay overnight with their nominated friend or relative.

In Melbourne, they must travel before the curfew.

Can the person in my bubble change?

No, the selected person needs to remain the same.

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