EDNA begins dual competition season

By Andrew Johnston

AFTER months of issues, Echuca District Netball Association (EDNA) will make its long awaited return to the courts this weekend.

But for the first time, it will be split into two separate competitions across the two states.

Victprian-NSW border closures due to the coronavirus pandemic had originally thrown a major spanner in the works, with as many as half of the players registered to take part in the season becoming ineligible.

However, the Moama Football and Netball Club has come to the rescue, offering to play a role in a NSW-based competition.

EDNA vice-president Amy Foster said it was a fantastic outcome.

“It had been a major challenge for all of us,” she said.

“Our priority as an organisation is to get as many people out on the courts playing the sport as we can, so to have potentially half the competition unable to play would have been a horrible outcome.

“We tried to speak with government but were told no. We kept running into walls and we were really concerned about the outcome.”

“Moama approached us about helping to run a competition for the NSW players which means that we will see two seasons run at the same time, and it gives everyone the opportunity to play which remains our priority.

“The club really was the saviour of the season for a lot of our players.”

Moama netball president Casey Love said the club wanted to do its part to get netball up and running.

“We were shocked to hear close to 100 players could have to miss out due to the restrictions,” Love said.

“It's great as a club to be able to offer what we can to get people playing.

“It would be a terrible outcome for a group of girls to miss out on playing for an entire year because of this crisis, so we were more than happy to play a part in getting the season going.”

Foster said everyone connected with the competition was ecstatic to finally get under way this weekend.

“We are just glad to give people an opportunity to play the sport they love,” she said.

“With everything going on in the world, providing an opportunity to spend some time every weekend with the friends and teammates, getting some exercise in and having a break from everything that's happening.

“We are aware a lot can change almost daily, and we are prepared to change as much as we need to to get as many games in as possible if more issues come up.”


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